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The exhibit shows snapshots of the work we’ve done around the world in the last 40 years, including our work here in the US.

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Welcome to the Real Life Exhibit! Scroll down to choose a Module to walk through. Each Module takes about 8 minutes to complete. When you finish one, exit and return to this page to choose another Module! Let’s begin!

Who We Are

Every person matters. To God and to us. Learn how we deliver life-saving medical care to people in crisis.


Meet Janet, a woman who escaped violence, fought for her freedom, and endured incredible loss, but found joy.


Meet Harun, a little boy who witnessed unimaginable brutality, and found himself living in the world’s largest refugee camp.


Meet Shaza, a young student who thought her dreams of working in healthcare were over when she escaped a warzone.

COVID-19 Response

We’re bringing the best of what we have to fight this global disease outbreak.

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